Travel Insurance

How Can We Help You?

Without travel medical insurance unexpected costs due to a medical emergency such as food poisoning etc. can quickly turn even a short cross-border US trip into a financial nightmare. Without sufficient medical coverage even the hospitals in the US will not treat you.
Health Insurance BC also strongly recommends the purchase of additional travel insurance when travelling outside of the province ( as your provincial health insurance plan does not fully cover you when traveling out-of-province or out-of-Canada) even if the trip is only for a day or so. MSP does not subsidize fees charged for ambulance service obtained outside the province.
Our travel medical insurance ensures you get access to the best emergency medical care available without having to worry about its financial impact so you can have a worry-free travel experience.
We professionals will help protect you and your family with an optimal travel insurance package at the best possible rates.
We brokers/ agents specialize in;
  • International Students
  • Visitors to Canada