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Insurance policy is essential for protecting your family and lifestyle but finding the right insurance solution is a tedious process. The first step is to contact us.


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Our insurance specialists can help you with insurance for your family, home and belongings as well as your business to give you one point of contact for all aspects of your insurance cover.
About Us

Proudly Canadian – Proudly Local

We have extensive experience in the insurance field and can assist you in obtaining the most affordable insurance; any kind you need, be it life insurance, commercial insurance, and or travel insurance. We make the arrangements for your insurance through Canada′s leading insurance companies. Using our service is totally free to you. If you start a policy through us, we are remunerated by your chosen insurer, so there is no additional cost to you.

We specialize in;

  • Right cover priced for you
  • Saving you time, effort and worry
  • From policy to claim, we’re here to help

Why Choose SAI Insurance Services Ltd.?
Experience the difference

Insurance with nothing to hide

By being transparent we are forced to focus on the delivery of real and measurable value rather than selling you more insurance.

Managing Insurance Costs

The benefit to you is that we not only focus on premium cost, but also seek to mitigate cost in other areas of the insurance process.

Hundreds of happy customers

We believe in a win-win situation between us and our clients. We help you understand and focus on aspects of insurance that most insurance brokers don’t.

From policy to claim; We’re here to help

We stay up to date with changes in policies and regulations so when you need to make a claim, you are aware of the best outcomes.

Our Areas of Expertise

Home Insurance

For a swift, efficient recovery of your house at competitive prices, get in touch with us now.

Commercial Insurance

From owner-operated businesses to major commercial organizations we take pride in tailoring your protection as per business needs.

Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance ensures you get access to the best emergency care available without having to worry about its financial impact so you can travel worry-free.

Our Customers, Our Pride

“Excellent, prompt service! The kind of service that has the customer first in mind!”
“I will not hesitate to recommend SAI Insurance Services Ltd. as a good, reliable, responsible, insurance broker.”
“Your timely, professional and precisely informative help has been great. It is truly a pleasure doing business with you and I will gladly refer you to other friends.”
Jafar B.